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HDTV/DTV viewing software for Windows and ATSC digital TV tuner cards
  • On screen display of channel number, channel name, channel resolution, program name, date, time,  signal quality, program start and end time, program rating, volume and program description.
  • Works with most MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio decoders and choice of decoder is user selectable.
  • Can run full-screen or in a window.
  • Works with most ATSC HDTV PCI tuner cards and external USB tuners including ATI HDTV Wonder, Diamond ATI Theater HD 750, Avertv Hybrid Volar Max, ATI TV Wonder 650, HDHomeRun CONNECT, HDHomeRun EXTEND, Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner, WinTV-HVR-950Q, and AverMedia AverTVHD A180.
  • Includes plug-in for ATI Remote Wonder Plus remote controls.
  • Supports unscrambled digital cable, also known as unencrypted QAM or clear QAM, in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Clear QAM capable tuners.
  • Free Electronic Program Guide from broadcasters PSIP data.
  • Supports PID Filtering, to reduce network traffic, with HDHomeRun.

Easy HDTV with OSD and control panel Easy HDTV showing on screen display and control panel


Easy HDTV with OSD and program description Easy HDTV showing on screen display and program information


System requirements:

Easy HDTV requires a PC with 1.2 GHz or faster Intel or AMD processor, internal PCI ATSC HDTV tuner card or external USB ATSC HDTV tuner, a hardware accelerated graphics card, MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio decoders, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system,  DirectX 9.0c or higher and 10 MB of free hard disk space.

Download Easy HDTV with 30 day trial now.

Download Easy HDTV
For 32-bit or 64-bit Windows versions

Easy HDTV (x64)
For 64-bit Windows versions

See Quick Start Guide for install and usage instructions.

Easy HDTV is available by electronic purchase.  Download and install Easy HDTV, you will be able to use the program free for 30 days.  Purchase a software key to use of Easy HDTV past the 30 day trial period.  After purchase Keys are sent by email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder or add to your email whitelist.

This software requires a hardware tuner, which must be purchased seperately.

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Easy HDTV Software Key $14.00 N/A
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