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To open the program guide, click the Guide button in the control panel.

Guide Data

Guide data is collected from each channel's data stream, each broadcaster decides how much guide data they send, this can range from 0 to 7 days.

Each channel must be tuned to to collect the guide data for that channel.  If you have one tuner this is done automatically when the main window is closed and nothing is being recorded.  If you have a second tuner, the second tuner will be used to collect guide data when it is not needed for recording.

Automatic scanning for guide data can be disabled from the settings dialog.  To bring up the settings dialog from the menu click File->Settings..., click the Guide tab and click the "Scan For Guide Data In Background" check box.

Easy HDTV DVR Guide Tab

Settings Dialog

The settings dialog can opened form the menu bar by clicking on File->Settings...

Settings, Directshow Filters

Easy HDTV DVR settings dialog

DTV Tuners This lists all the available tuners on your system, check the boxes of the tuners to be used by Easy HDTV DVR.

MPEG-2 Video Decoder This lists the MPEG-2 video decoders installed on your system.  If the "Show All" box is not checked, only video decoders known to work with Easy HDTV DVR are shown.  Checking the "Show All" box shows all decoders installed including ones that are marked as "do not use" or are known not to work with Easy HDTV DVR.

AC3 Audio Decoder This lists the AC3 audio decoders installed on your system that are most likely to work with Easy HDTV DVR.  Checking the "Show All" box shows all AC3 audio decoders installed on your system including ones marked "do not use" or are known to not work well with Easy HDTV DVR.

Video Renderer This lists available video renderers.  Enhanced Video Renderer is the best choice for Windows Vista and up.  Some older systems may benefit from using the Video Mixing Renderer 7 (use overlays) option.

Settings, Record

Easy HDTV DVR Settings, record tab

Recorded Video Folder Directory where recordings are stored.

Buffered Video Folder Directory where the one hour live telivision buffer is stored.

Recording Format Easy HDTV DVR records video into the .dvr-ms video format.  It can also record an entire physical channel's data stream to a .ts file.  Playback of .ts files is not supported, it is included to allow debugging of problem channels.

Settings, Guide

Easy HDTV DVR settings, guide

Scan for Guide Data In Background This check box enables automatic scanning throught channels to collect guide data when the main window is closed, or a second tuner is not in use.


Using Easy HDTV DVR With HDHomeRun CONNECT or HDHomeRun EXTEND

HDHomeRun EXTENDHDHomeRun Connect

Easy HDTV DVR supports PID filtering with the HDHomeRun CONNECT and HDHomeRun EXTEND. PID filtering reduces network traffic by telling the HDHomeRun tuner to only send the needed parts of the TV transport stream over the network.

Enable HDHomeRun PID Filtering

  1. Click "Start" to bring up the start menu.
  2. Click "Programs"->"HDHomeRun"->"HDHomeRun Setup" to bring up the HDHomeRun setup dialog.
  3. Click the "Application" tab.
  4. In the "Main Application" drop list select "Easy HDTV DVR".
  5. Click the "Ok" button to close the "HDHomeRun Setup" dialog box.

HDHomeRun Setup, Configuration


Using Easy HDTV DVR With ATI Theater 750 Tuners

The ATI Theater 750 Tuner cards will show up as three tuners in the Easy HDTV DVR settings, ATI CQAM Digital Tuner, ATI DVBT Digital Tuner and ATI BDA Digital Tuner.  If the tuner is connected to a cable TV, select ATI CQAM Digital Tuner.  If connected to over the air antenna, select ATI BDA Digital Tuner.  ATI DVBT Digital Tuner is not supported.


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