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You'll likely need MPEG-2 and AC3 Decoders as most versions of Windows no longer include them. Download and install the appropriate version, 32-bit or 64-bit, of ffdshow. Be sure to check the DXVA and MPEG-2 boxes when installing.

ffdshow DXVA check box

Enable ffdshow MPEG-2 decoder check box


Download the Easy HDTV DVR setup program to your desktop.

Double click the Easy HDTV DVR setup program icon and follow prompts.

Easy HDTV DVR installer

After installation is complete, Double click the Easy HDTV DVR icon on the desktop.


The first time the program is run the "Settings..." dialog box will appear.  Choose the tuners, video decoder, audio decoder and video render you want to use.  If any of the boxes are empty, you don't have any tuners or decoders properly installed.  Click on the "OK" button to continue.

Easy HDTV DVR Settings Dialog

If the channel list is empty the "Channels" dialog box will appear.  Click on the "Scan" button to scan for channels.  When the scan completes, click on the "Close" button.

Easy HDTV DVR Channels Dialog

Easy HDTV DVR is now ready to use.

If you wish to change the settings, right-click on the Easy HDTV DVR window to bring up the context menu and click on "Settings...". If you choose settings that cause the program to crash or become unstable, holding down the shift key the next time you run the program will go directly into the settings dialog box.

Easy HDTV DVR can also be controlled with the keyboard shortcuts, here are some of the keyboard shortcuts:

Function Key
Channel + Up Arrow
Channel - Down Arrow
Volume + Left Arrow
Volume - Right Arrow
Mute audio M
On screen display Enter
Program description Space Bar
Toggle fullscreen Alt+Enter
Skip backward 10 seconds [
Skip forward 30 seconds ]
Play/Pause \
Stop END
Record R
Guide toggle G
Settings S
Channels C
Channel properties P
Timers T
Video decoder settings V
Audio decoder settings A
Open File Ctrl+O
Close Alt+F4
About F1

Mouse controls:
Mouse wheel controls volume.
Double-click switches to or from full screen mode.
Right-click brings up context menu.

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